Cebas Announces moskito Render for 3ds Max

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cebas’ Integration of GPU-Rendering Will Leave You Stung in The BEST Way Possible!

moskitoRender™ is the first full-featured GPU renderer for 3ds Max with the least amount of hardware and creative restrictions of all GPU-only renderers on the market! moskitoRender represents the next generation of robust rendering systems for 3ds Max and Design – it offers a true continuous workflow with easy setup, less parameters and lightning fast results. moskitoRender is one of the very few, if not the only, renderer that has NO materials of its own, yet supports ALL of the 1,300 materials from the Autodesk Material Library as well as the standard 3ds Max materials.

moskitoRender is a true Physically Based Spectral Rendering solution meant to replace any one of the standard 3ds Max rendering options. Its rendering system offers a unique new CUDA based core technology that is highly optimized and overcomes many of the limitations found in other GPU-only renderers. Image creation is based on strict unbiased path-tracing methods.
In its core, moskitoRender handles light and colors and their distribution between different surfaces in the form of electromagnetic waves; it is the only known method to accurately represent natural occurring effects like Diffraction for example.

The unapologetic use of unbiased path-tracing with Physically Based Spectral Rendering sets moskitoRender apart from any other GPU-only rendering system on the market. This combination simulates many real world illumination and camera effects in “one go” without the need to add any extra methods and algorithms to simulate soft shadows, depth of field, motion blur, caustics, ambient occlusion, and global Illumination to name a few. moskitoRender can easily produce images that are indistinguishable from photographs.

Although moskitoRender is based on physically accurate calculation models to create photo realistic renderings, it still allows artists to unleash their imagination providing them with the freedom needed to feed their artistic appetite. It is exactly this kind of flexibility that is to be seen and experienced by our users for the first time in a GPU-only rendering solution.

Creativity for everyone!

The plugin serves as the perfect tool for ALL artists across the board – from Architects, Design Visualization specialists, VFX Artists and Gamers – who are looking to render, with the highest quality and shortest amount of time.
As a beginner, you will especially love the unprecedentedly short learning curve of moskitoRender. It is built on the foundation and core features you already know: 3ds Max and Design. Thanks to its unbiased path-tracing, no complex parameters or setup procedures need to be learned. A rendering will constantly and naturally converge to the real and physically accurate results.

Buy into the Future of Rendering!

cebas designed moskitoRender exactly like you would develop a full blown CPU renderer, with no compromise and as if there were no GPU restrictions at all. Whenever we had to decide between flexibility in the feature set or a highly GPU-optimized but extremely restrictive code; we’d go for the freedom of choice and user’s flexibility! moskitoRender is made to leverage new generations of NVIDIA hardware in such a way that as restrictions are removed by new GPU hardware advances, moskitoRender is already a step ahead – able to take advantage of new technologies.

moskitoRender is built to Stop Scene Transfer Poisoning!

In the development of moskitoRender we have worked hard to remove one of the most frequent problems when network rendering or sharing scenes – the dreaded ‘Missing Plugin Error’ a.k.a “Scene Poisoning”.
Scene Poisoning happens when a file is sent to the render farm or an artist using objects and features of plugins that are not installed on the other end. Before you know it, the network rendering is killed and all sorts of mayhem break loose!

moskitoRender allows users to build and share scenes without the fear of incompatibility or losing an investment into scene assets! After all, what is the worth in a scene where you buy expensive scene assets and they are not renderable or can not be rendered in future versions of 3ds Max? Scene assets created to render with moskitoRender work with the standard 3ds Max setup as well and will continue to work with future versions of 3ds Max.

The Sky is the Limit! But Why is the Sky blue?

moskitoRender features a new skylight model that is more accurate and solves several issues with existing skylight simulation models. This was only possible because of the newly enhanced color and light transport model used by moskitoRender: Physically Based Spectral Rendering. Simulating daylight and creating an accurate representation is a challenge to most renderers; as the only way to simulate a physically accurate model is by basing light and color on their electromagnetic wavelength properties and not on an unrealistic fixed color RGB model.

The real sky is blue because when the sunlight reaches the atmosphere it is scattered in all directions. The Blue is scattered more than other colors because it travels as shorter, smaller waves. This is why we see a blue sky not because it was painted in RGB blue color.

Have It Any Way You Want

moskitoRender is the first GPU-only renderer for 3ds Max to introduce full support of the more than 1,300 Autodesk Material Library catalog along with most of the standard mental ray materials and shaders and the standard 3ds Max materials and textures. Examples of supported materials include complex beasts like the Environment/Background Switcher texture, Matte/Shadow/Reflection material and such compound textures like Blend, Layer, Falloff and Composite.

The way moskitoRender works is such that Textures, normally found in a 3ds Max scene, are automatically converted into highly optimized GPU code. moskitoRender might be the closest thing ever to achieving the goal of completely replacing a CPU renderer.

Although moskitoRender is based on physically accurate calculation models to create photo realistic renderings, it still allows artists to unleash their imagination providing them with the freedom needed to feed their artistic appetite.

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